Carly.Francesca (x0___bound2fail) wrote,

me and my mom talked online.

JLM12553 [9:55 P.M.]: hellllooooooooooo....are you human again yet?
ThatgirlxCARLYx [9:55 P.M.]: ur not supposed 2 make me laugh when im trying 2 be mad at you mom!
JLM12553 [9:57 P.M.]: Did your head do a 360 and did pea soup come out of your mouth? That happened to the girl in the Exorcist and you seemed a little possesed before. I was afraid we'd have to call Fr. Budwick to do an Exorcism
ThatgirlxCARLYx [9:58 P.M.]: actaully it only did a 180 so i think im good.
JLM12553 [9:59 P.M.]: If you don't act "normal" you might not make it to the Sunday after your period:-( Act more like O:-) and less like >:o and we'll be ok
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:00 P.M.]: what do u mean might not make it?
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:00 P.M.]: am i gunna die?!
JLM12553 [10:00 P.M.]: I might have to "take you out"
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:00 P.M.]: oh u had me worried...but thats nothing lol
JLM12553 [10:01 P.M.]: I don't mean out to dinner, more like out to the bridge, wearing cement shoes
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:01 P.M.]: u wud too pretty 2 do that 2 :)
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:02 P.M.]: plus im ur favorite
JLM12553 [10:02 P.M.]: after tonight?
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:02 P.M.]: ya...ill always matter what!
JLM12553 [10:03 P.M.]: you're making you "money-grubbing" brother (jk) look better by the minute....I think Calli's my favorite
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:04 P.M.]: what about elvis!!!!
JLM12553 [10:04 P.M.]: I'll leave her all my worldly possessions- you can have her flea collar
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:04 P.M.]: oh thanks...i appreciate that.
JLM12553 [10:04 P.M.]: what's on tv now?
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:05 P.M.]: is a soar subjkect right now mom.
JLM12553 [10:06 P.M.]: well, hope something good. Thank goodness we missed all the crappy shows earlier. Aren't you lucky that I took you out so you wouldn't be bored?
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:06 P.M.]: UGH MOM!!!...its ok tho cuz my friend is gunna d.l that episode 4 me and send it 2 me in the enxt week.
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:06 P.M.]: u r luck!
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:07 P.M.]: *lucky
JLM12553 [10:08 P.M.]: gtg- a REALLY good show just came on....glad we got home in time:-P
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:08 P.M.]: ya me 2. bye
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