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popcorn yo...

so i havent updated in a while. not much has has happened really. im now obsessed with tristan and isolde and have seen it 3 times and cried each time lmao ne ways...thats really it. we have off all this week 4 the regents exams. oh man last night i definitely started talking 2 andrew again. man i ahvent seen him in 5 years. but hopefully this summer were gunna see eachother. hes mad cool. and it was aweseom talkign 2 him last night...lmao he cracks me up...

Xx Purple Rain 5 [11:58 P.M.]: i heard them talking on the phone one day and they were like "wow i cant beleive we left them in a bedroom by themselves for that long...were definitely not doing that the next time we all see eachother" haha
theloraxTSC [11:58 P.M.]: haha
theloraxTSC [11:58 P.M.]: were werwe like 11
theloraxTSC [11:58 P.M.]: haha
Xx Purple Rain 5 [11:59 P.M.]: i know...we werent capable of doing ne thing wrong at the age of 11...
theloraxTSC [12:00 A.M.]: haha
theloraxTSC [12:00 A.M.]: we were capable
theloraxTSC [12:00 A.M.]: haha
theloraxTSC [12:00 A.M.]: just not insane
theloraxTSC [12:01 A.M.]: haha

gosh i cnat believe its been since we were 11...thats crazy!!!...he ahs a pretty good abnd tho. thats cool. i realised 2 day that i love a guy with nice arms and who cna play an instrument. a sucker 4 them. ok well thats pretty much it...ill write more later

_i still suck at life <3
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