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the computers finally fixed.

so ya all weekend i didnt have the computer :(

but lifes been pretty good lately. karenas birthday gathering was lots of fun. those girls r crazy. "it smelled like pure fucking rubbing alcohol"..."you know what you are your a know what that means? a BUT HER FACE." haha. oh ya and saturday ngiht i definitely saw the best movie ever...yup u guessed it. TRISTN AND ISOLDE. thats seriously my new favorite movie. i cried like a bitch haha. oh ya and i finished my tell me a story. oh god its sooo awesome ill admit it. i kinda hope a certain sum one doesnt see i tho but he prob wont so its all good. oth was awesome last night and a new The OC is on in 5 mins so thats very good. well im out. oh ya i have a new icon...check that shizzle out bitches.

_Love Conqueres All <3
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