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ugh i hate livejournal

ok so i definitely jsut wrote alot and it got delted. ne ways. the past 2 days have been fun. well not school but after school. yesterday i chilled with matt vin and V...but i dont feel like writing about all that. 2 ngiht i went 2 the b-ball game wiht jess gretchn kristin and joe and heavy were there. it was fun. um #25 on monroe was definitely hot as hell. we won and i saw a black version of matt mullen even if jess doesnt believe me. but the car ride home was definitely the best!...first we were blasting country music in jessica huge van then we burned up a car full of monroe boys. it was funny as hell. then when we were infrnt of them ema nd gretchn had a funny moment.

gretchen: are they hot?!

Me: um no (as im looking at the through the back window shaking my head)


gosh good times...ok so im going 2 take a shower ill write more later.



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