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ok so yesterday i got my hair dyed...well i got black foils put in. it looks hot as hell. then vanessa picked me up from the spa and we went 2 the mall so she cud buy herself a long sleeve shirt. then we went 2 matts hosue and me being a goodfriend helped him clean his room. and his mom gave me and vanessa jumping beans!!! then we went and got kevin. omg he smelled soooo good!!! so then we ate at perkins. the chicken quesodillas r not that good there...lmao. then we went bak 2 matts house and just chilled. and i definitely beat kevin at madden and he got mad lmao. then i went home. it was a fun night. hmm 2 day i had work and after work my dad and i went 2 michaels 2 get some stuff 4 my photo project. then i came home and we ordered food from bother brunos. then i made plans 2 go 2 the hockey game. and i had 2 hours 2 get ready so i curled my hair. it looked mad cute. the hockey game was fun. i finally got 2 chill wiht my boys (jj and joe) 4 the first time in 4 ever lmao. and of course all the others like meg jess gretch shaughnessy and courtney. nfa won so that was good. then after the game i jsut came home and have been online since and im also texting 2 shaughnessy lol.

ugh tomorrows sunday. i hate sundays. theres always nothing 2 do. hmmm hopefully tomorrow something interesting happens ;)

so ya lately ive realised that ppl like u better when u just act urself. like if u jsut stop caring what ppl think or if they wont like u 4 doing something ull get along wiht ppl better. people dont like when others r trying 2 impress them so jut act normal and ull get further in life. that is my new theory in life!

_you make me wanna LA LA.

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sounds like a great weekend
haha i remember i use to beat my bro at madden..i think it was like 2003 at the time
he practiced like everyday
then finally beat me
boys are such sore losers
good luck wit ur photo project<33
omg i never beat my brother in ne thing when we played videos games. he was sooo serious about it. boys r mad gay when it comes 2 video games. and thanks i really hope it comes out 2 be a good project. im nervous lmao. and i thought u were deleting everything? what happened?! lol ♥