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u hit me harder then a shark attack...

ok so 2 ngiht was like the last official night of christmas break :( but i wud have 2 say it was good one!!! i went 2 the movies with megan shaughnessy jess jason and kevin came 2 :) we saw cheaper by the dozen 2. it was cute. lately things have jsut been working out. idk im just happy. and im finally done with caring what ppl think. like totally. idk. im just good right now. so ya im not really tired right now but im amd bored so im just gunna go lay down and listen 2 my ipod. im still trying 2 figure out that weird ass dream i had the other night. it seriouly freaked me out. it was crazy. and im making an appointment 2 get my hair done again darker i think. idk tho cuz i dont really have the money rite now. hmmmm i hate being a working girl cuz now i have 2 pay 4 everything my self.

and i so 4 got some stuff about 2005 in my last post. i also got my first job and got drunk 4 the first time and went 2 a bajillion sweet 16's and got my permit and hmmm i think thats it. oh wait no. i also became a brunette and got my belly button pierced!!!

ok im outtie now kids. leave me comments i like them :)


_what can i do to get to you

& find a way back to your heart ?

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