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havent updated in a while

ok so yesterday i ahd work and then last night i went 2 matts hosue with him vanessa and kevin and we jsut chilled. and got taco bell!!! me and kevin watched this werid movie. it was scary :( then 2 day me vanessa and kevin went shopping in middletown. but vanessa left us 4 a while 2 go visit natalie. it was fun shopping wiht kevin tho. he helped me pick out some cute cltohes and he ate my wendys 4 me lmao. then me and V dropped kevo off at his huge house on the golfe course and then we went back 2 ehr house and got ready and then headed 2 the mvoies and man oh man i go 2 see MEGAN BYRNES who is now a brunette and she looks freaking gorgeous a brunette!!! so ya we watched the ringer. it was my second time seeing it but idc cuz i love that movie. its mad funny. ok so ya thats really it. im jsut doing sutff on my ipod now and then im goign 2 bed cuz i have work tomorrow from 10-2. ok im done.

_such and indescribable feeling <3
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aww thanks i think i like my hair like this. lol. we will see. :D

lovee ya cutiee.♥