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i fell for the leader of the pack.

ok so 2 day was a fun day. i had work and then i came home and vanessa came over and we exchanged presnets. and then tnaya came over and we exhcanged presents. then my family left 2 go 2 a party and me and vanessa drove around trying 2 find somethign 2 do so we ended up calling up shaughnessya nd we went and ate at TGI Fridays. it was pretty good. oh man i definitely bought 3rd season Dawsons Creek. damn im obsessed with TV and its bad lol. so ya i just got dont watching this movie with my mom. it was called htere goes my baby. its an old movie but idk it just got me thinking about alot. and idk it make me sad 2 think about high school endding. idk i guess im just weird. but i dont wanna stop talking 2 ne of my friends and idk. ugh well im gunna go cuz im not really in a good mood 4 sum reason ill write more later.


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