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My name is Carly Francesca. Im way too obsessed with my hair but its pretty so thats ok. I have dark blue eyes and have no clue where i got tehm from. My family and friends are everything 2 me, especially my brother<3 I dont like 2 be disapointed or 2 disapoint others but i am very judgemental and definitely a bitch. Im a hopless romatic. I love dancing infront of the mirror is my favorite thing 2 do! I adore chocolate and dont knopw how i would survive without it. If you wanna know more just IM me at Xx Purple Rain 5 or x0 falling hard.

These memories are priceless ♥



* "I wish we knew octobers name" "OCTOBER is octobers name!"

* the ski dance!!!

* Potato Puffs are better then Tator Tats

* "Fuck You Tanya"

* "I go up 2 a girl in the club and im like whats your name"

* GOM, droughts, fot, rememory

* staying up and watching Roswell ALL night.

* FIRE!!!

* throwing ice on some random girl at a GC concert

* "Joni what is this? Why is it burning me?!

* The question game chat rooms

* Radio Love God

* Nigga ask about me, nigga nigga ask about me

* dancing in the parking lot of Shop Rite...DRUNK

* "u have 2 choose eitehr him or me" "wait no then he'll hate me"

* Chris the crossdresser

* "Carly your not supposed 2 ride on the sidewalk" "Your riding right along wiht her aint ya?"

* Lilbojangle [10:33 P.M.]: yea.. i could tell the both of you were kinda like... uhhh lets go do it somewhereeeee

* "well ____ has a small penis and he has sex all the TIME!!"

* D.U.L.F #1 and D.U.L.F #2

* Watch out Kristin and Taylor...were giving you a run 4 ur money :)

* "oh look theres a seat" ::poke::

* singing celine dion!!!

* ::whisper:: i love you ::whisper::

* "i only saw his Pita In A Pocket"

* "I couldnt see it"

* Joe Strosenburg


* "Im single and ready to jingle"

* "your not a stupid slut...your a smart slut"

* V+J=love...it makes sense

Your not in high school to find your husband
Your their to find your bridesmaids*