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i <3 baseball players.

ok so last ngiht i went 2 bed at 3 in the fucking morning and i kept waking up cuz i was having weird dreams. and the same person is in all my weird dreams. maybe its trying 2 tell me something. ne ways. so ya i looked and felt shitty all day cuz i got like no sleep. but w.e...i got my stuff 4 my photo project 2 day! and i cmae home and put more songs on my iPod. its sjut been a boring day. the oc is on a 35 mins tho so thats exciting. and im really excited 4 baseball season. over the summer i ahd the ebst times going 2 the nukes games. so this year im gunna go 2 as many nfa and nukes game as possible. plus i really just like watching baseball. and im pretty sure my bro is helping coach the nukes...oh ya and theres the fact that baseball players r hot. haha :)gosh that was the one thing i loved about being dragged 2 all my brothers baseball games growing up...there were always hot boys 2 look at!!! oh man mario vasquez was my first crush like ever. and he was the cutest boy ever. gese i havent seen him since my bro was on black sox. aw thats sad :( ah yay i love baseball players. eh football players r pretty hot too tho. ok ok so i just love ne guys with a hot body...ill admit it. haha ok well thats really it. ill write more later.


_honey you can have me when you want me.

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