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winter break is gone.

ok so alst night i went into bed at like 12 and didnt fall asleep until 2. i just layed in bed and watched dawsons creek 3rd season :) but ya then i woke up at 4:09 and then again at 5:09 and finally my alarm clock went off at 6 and i jsut stayed up. so ya 2 day was the first day back to school after winter break. it was weird but fun. i got 2 listne 2 my iPod alot. hmmm then after school me and megan had like a amd good convo about how i have a new BFF. lmao only she knows ;) then i had work and it was fun i guess. i made an appointment 2 get my hair dyed agian on friday =) i love doing new stuff 2 my hair!!! and 2 night i watched the episode of one tree hill that i missed and i so realised that im like brooke. yes i definitely am. that gives me hope lmao. but i would have 2 say the highlight of my day was finidng out alahna freaking sergi watches roswell!!! i was so excited when i got that IM and then we ahd a lovely discussion about how great roswell is. it seriously made my day :) ok im gunna go take my shower and wathc some more 3rd season DC. ill write more tomorrow.

_the amazing thing was, in his eyes

i was beautiful.

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