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goodbye 2005

ok so this is pretty much jsut a place where im writing all the memories form last year. cuz i have 2 say 2005 has definitely been my most memorable year. so much went on. like seriusly it ssems like 2005 was split into a few different years. this time last year i was still going out with mike. like 2 think of that as only a year ago is really weird. not saying ti was abd weird just weird weird. so ya that was probbaly one of the hard things i went through during 2005. not that im saying it was like so ahrd but me and mike were together for like 2 years so going from talking everyday 2 not tlaking at all was really strange. and then theres the fact wehre i went from talking 2 some one i always tlaked 2 to going out with some one i didnt tlak 2 in 2 years. it was a big change. but a change i kinda liked. idk i jsut think the last half of school last year i ahd more fun and i dont think it was jsut cause i was going out with vin. i think it was cuz i just was less serious 4 a change. my one favorite weekend is definitely a weekend ill rememember 4 like ever. it was just one of those times. but ya then school ended and so did me and vin. the summer was crazy!!! im not gunna lie for a while i was upset about the breakup or w.e but then i just finally let loose. me and tanya got a lil crazy and had maybe too much fun lmao. man that one night with shaugnessu was the best. "ill punch you in your face bitch"..."fuck you tanya"...lmao. man then it was time 4 bethany beach. mad crazy yo. the first half of the week tanya was there and damn we saw mad fire. and we met alex and marcus...and then at the club we met jeff!!! oh man the club. defintiely a night i remember. i danced in a cage!!!! then tnaya went home and mk came and it jsut gpt even mroe crazy. the waves were insane. we made a sled 4 the stairs. we went 2 foam ngiht at the club and boht madeout with very hot guys. and we ate rum sharks lmao. so ya the rest of the summer was kinda mellow. i got introuble 2 sneaking out and drinking but i pushed my luck with that ne ways. oh man also this summer i discovered like the best band ever...TEGAN AND SARA!!!! idk how i wud have survived the summer without them. the end of the summer was more mellow but definitely still fun. thats when i started hanging out with jess gretchen jason and joe. and we had r lil prank wars lmao. definitely fun times. so ya school started and its jsut been crazy. i finally found out who my true friends are and who arent. idk what i wud do if i didnt have the friends i have now. i love them all. expeciall my megans...and vanessa!!! i wud seriously be lost without them. so summing up this whole 2005 thing...ive learned alot. ive learned that:
-true friends arent sjut teh friends uve been friends iht 4 a long time. its hte ones who are there when u need them.
-no matter what u do ull never be able 2 change some ones feelings about you and sometimes being in love with them just isnt enough 2 not lose them.
-caring about what people think gets u nowhere in life. fuck what other people think. its how u feel that matters.


so the begining of this new year was definitely a great way 2 start. a whole night wiht some of my favorites was the best. and i wudnt have changed it 4 ne thing :)


_2006 here i come <3

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