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ok so the other day was megans party. definitely one of the best sweet 16's ive gone 2. its tied for #1 with j-bergs. and i got 2 spend the whole dya with my darling MK so that was definitely a plus. so ya last night was christmas eve. the cousins came over and we exchanged gifts and then i went 2 my autns hosue and ended up falling asleep instead of eating dinner. then we came home and decorated r family tree and then put r pajamas on and took the usual pictures by the tree. then it was off 2 bed. and woo hoo i woke up and man oh man was it presesnts galore!!! i got alot of stuff. my main gifts were my ipod and my tifaanys necklace and ring. so cute :) but i got mad clothes and a dream dictionary. and i got a new furby!!! lmao idc if thats childish i wanted it!!! and i got roswell 3rd season on dvd and seasons 2 and 3 of that 70's show from my g-ma Cimmorelli. and lots of other stuff. definitely a good christmas. i got everything i wanted and more :) and ya now were just eating r christmas breakfast that i love oh so much and later im goign 2 my aunt jackies house and then hopefully tonight megan byrnes is coming over. alrighty loves im outie.


_Merry Christmas

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