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Sometimes you just feel everything and nothing all at once.
Sometimes you'll find yourself smiling while missing something all at the same time.
At times you can absolutely love a person, all the while wanting to hate them.
Life comes with no guarantees except that...
Smiling will brighten your face,
Laughing will enhance you eyes,
& falling in love will change your life.

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first post in a while. [Wednesday Jul. 12 2006 at 12:18am]
Dawsons Creek Series Finale.Collapse ) if u guys wanna post any of ur favorite Dawsons Creek Quotes or quotes from any of your favorite shows thats would be awsome =]</p>

[Monday Jun. 19 2006 at 5:49pm]

[Monday Jun. 19 2006 at 5:48pm]
i hope it worked...lalalalalala...<3

[Monday Jun. 19 2006 at 5:47pm]

me and my mom talked online. [Wednesday Mar. 1 2006 at 10:12pm]
JLM12553 [9:55 P.M.]: hellllooooooooooo....are you human again yet?
ThatgirlxCARLYx [9:55 P.M.]: ur not supposed 2 make me laugh when im trying 2 be mad at you mom!
JLM12553 [9:57 P.M.]: Did your head do a 360 and did pea soup come out of your mouth? That happened to the girl in the Exorcist and you seemed a little possesed before. I was afraid we'd have to call Fr. Budwick to do an Exorcism
ThatgirlxCARLYx [9:58 P.M.]: actaully it only did a 180 so i think im good.
JLM12553 [9:59 P.M.]: If you don't act "normal" you might not make it to the Sunday after your period:-( Act more like O:-) and less like >:o and we'll be ok
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:00 P.M.]: what do u mean might not make it?
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:00 P.M.]: am i gunna die?!
JLM12553 [10:00 P.M.]: I might have to "take you out"
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:00 P.M.]: oh u had me worried...but thats nothing lol
JLM12553 [10:01 P.M.]: I don't mean out to dinner, more like out to the bridge, wearing cement shoes
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:01 P.M.]: u wud never...im too pretty 2 do that 2 :)
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:02 P.M.]: plus im ur favorite
JLM12553 [10:02 P.M.]: after tonight?
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:02 P.M.]: ya...ill always be...no matter what!
JLM12553 [10:03 P.M.]: you're making you "money-grubbing" brother (jk) look better by the minute....I think Calli's my favorite
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:04 P.M.]: what about elvis!!!!
JLM12553 [10:04 P.M.]: I'll leave her all my worldly possessions- you can have her flea collar
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:04 P.M.]: oh thanks...i appreciate that.
JLM12553 [10:04 P.M.]: what's on tv now?
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:05 P.M.]: ...tv is a soar subjkect right now mom.
JLM12553 [10:06 P.M.]: well, hope something good. Thank goodness we missed all the crappy shows earlier. Aren't you lucky that I took you out so you wouldn't be bored?
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:06 P.M.]: UGH MOM!!!...its ok tho cuz my friend is gunna d.l that episode 4 me and send it 2 me in the enxt week.
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:06 P.M.]: u r luck!
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:07 P.M.]: *lucky
JLM12553 [10:08 P.M.]: gtg- a REALLY good show just came on....glad we got home in time:-P
ThatgirlxCARLYx [10:08 P.M.]: ya me 2. bye

lmaoooooo [Wednesday Feb. 15 2006 at 4:54pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

hmmm so im thinking of doing sumthing drastic 2 my hair...either black...or blonde. or both. dont really know. let me know what ya think.

_im too busy gettin down 2 care about what you say.

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popcorn yo... [Wednesday Jan. 25 2006 at 11:59pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

so i havent updated in a while. not much has has happened really. im now obsessed with tristan and isolde and have seen it 3 times and cried each time lmao ne ways...thats really it. we have off all this week 4 the regents exams. oh man last night i definitely started talking 2 andrew again. man i ahvent seen him in 5 years. but hopefully this summer were gunna see eachother. hes mad cool. and it was aweseom talkign 2 him last night...lmao he cracks me up...

Xx Purple Rain 5 [11:58 P.M.]: i heard them talking on the phone one day and they were like "wow i cant beleive we left them in a bedroom by themselves for that long...were definitely not doing that the next time we all see eachother" haha
theloraxTSC [11:58 P.M.]: haha
theloraxTSC [11:58 P.M.]: were werwe like 11
theloraxTSC [11:58 P.M.]: haha
Xx Purple Rain 5 [11:59 P.M.]: i know...we werent capable of doing ne thing wrong at the age of 11...
theloraxTSC [12:00 A.M.]: haha
theloraxTSC [12:00 A.M.]: we were capable
theloraxTSC [12:00 A.M.]: haha
theloraxTSC [12:00 A.M.]: just not insane
theloraxTSC [12:01 A.M.]: haha

gosh i cnat believe its been since we were 11...thats crazy!!!...he ahs a pretty good abnd tho. thats cool. i realised 2 day that i love a guy with nice arms and who cna play an instrument. man...im a sucker 4 them. ok well thats pretty much it...ill write more later

_i still suck at life <3

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the computers finally fixed. [Thursday Jan. 19 2006 at 8:52pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

so ya all weekend i didnt have the computer :(

but lifes been pretty good lately. karenas birthday gathering was lots of fun. those girls r crazy. "it smelled like pure fucking rubbing alcohol"..."you know what you are your a butterface...you know what that means? a BUT HER FACE." haha. oh ya and saturday ngiht i definitely saw the best movie ever...yup u guessed it. TRISTN AND ISOLDE. thats seriously my new favorite movie. i cried like a bitch haha. oh ya and i finished my tell me a story. oh god its sooo awesome ill admit it. i kinda hope a certain sum one doesnt see i tho but he prob wont so its all good. oth was awesome last night and a new The OC is on in 5 mins so thats very good. well im out. oh ya i have a new icon...check that shizzle out bitches.

_Love Conqueres All <3


i <3 baseball players. [Thursday Jan. 12 2006 at 8:30pm]
[ mood | excited ]

ok so last ngiht i went 2 bed at 3 in the fucking morning and i kept waking up cuz i was having weird dreams. and the same person is in all my weird dreams. maybe its trying 2 tell me something. ne ways. so ya i looked and felt shitty all day cuz i got like no sleep. but w.e...i got my stuff 4 my photo project 2 day! and i cmae home and put more songs on my iPod. its sjut been a boring day. the oc is on a 35 mins tho so thats exciting. and im really excited 4 baseball season. over the summer i ahd the ebst times going 2 the nukes games. so this year im gunna go 2 as many nfa and nukes game as possible. plus i really just like watching baseball. and im pretty sure my bro is helping coach the nukes...oh ya and theres the fact that baseball players r hot. haha :)gosh that was the one thing i loved about being dragged 2 all my brothers baseball games growing up...there were always hot boys 2 look at!!! oh man mario vasquez was my first crush like ever. and he was the cutest boy ever. gese i havent seen him since my bro was on black sox. aw thats sad :( ah yay i love baseball players. eh football players r pretty hot too tho. ok ok so i just love ne guys with a hot body...ill admit it. haha ok well thats really it. ill write more later.


_honey you can have me when you want me.

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ugh i hate livejournal [Tuesday Jan. 10 2006 at 10:14pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

ok so i definitely jsut wrote alot and it got delted. ne ways. the past 2 days have been fun. well not school but after school. yesterday i chilled with matt vin and V...but i dont feel like writing about all that. 2 ngiht i went 2 the b-ball game wiht jess gretchn kristin and joe and heavy were there. it was fun. um #25 on monroe was definitely hot as hell. we won and i saw a black version of matt mullen even if jess doesnt believe me. but the car ride home was definitely the best!...first we were blasting country music in jessica huge van then we burned up a car full of monroe boys. it was funny as hell. then when we were infrnt of them ema nd gretchn had a funny moment.

gretchen: are they hot?!

Me: um no (as im looking at the through the back window shaking my head)


gosh good times...ok so im going 2 take a shower ill write more later.



_The, parking lot, why not?
It's so cool when im on top.


hmmm... [Sunday Jan. 8 2006 at 3:07am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

ok so yesterday i got my hair dyed...well i got black foils put in. it looks hot as hell. then vanessa picked me up from the spa and we went 2 the mall so she cud buy herself a long sleeve shirt. then we went 2 matts hosue and me being a goodfriend helped him clean his room. and his mom gave me and vanessa jumping beans!!! then we went and got kevin. omg he smelled soooo good!!! so then we ate at perkins. the chicken quesodillas r not that good there...lmao. then we went bak 2 matts house and just chilled. and i definitely beat kevin at madden and he got mad lmao. then i went home. it was a fun night. hmm 2 day i had work and after work my dad and i went 2 michaels 2 get some stuff 4 my photo project. then i came home and we ordered food from bother brunos. then i made plans 2 go 2 the hockey game. and i had 2 hours 2 get ready so i curled my hair. it looked mad cute. the hockey game was fun. i finally got 2 chill wiht my boys (jj and joe) 4 the first time in 4 ever lmao. and of course all the others like meg jess gretch shaughnessy and courtney. nfa won so that was good. then after the game i jsut came home and have been online since and im also texting 2 shaughnessy lol.

ugh tomorrows sunday. i hate sundays. theres always nothing 2 do. hmmm hopefully tomorrow something interesting happens ;)

so ya lately ive realised that ppl like u better when u just act urself. like if u jsut stop caring what ppl think or if they wont like u 4 doing something ull get along wiht ppl better. people dont like when others r trying 2 impress them so jut act normal and ull get further in life. that is my new theory in life!

_you make me wanna LA LA.

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winter break is gone. [Wednesday Jan. 4 2006 at 9:41pm]
[ mood | excited ]

ok so alst night i went into bed at like 12 and didnt fall asleep until 2. i just layed in bed and watched dawsons creek 3rd season :) but ya then i woke up at 4:09 and then again at 5:09 and finally my alarm clock went off at 6 and i jsut stayed up. so ya 2 day was the first day back to school after winter break. it was weird but fun. i got 2 listne 2 my iPod alot. hmmm then after school me and megan had like a amd good convo about how i have a new BFF. lmao only she knows ;) then i had work and it was fun i guess. i made an appointment 2 get my hair dyed agian on friday =) i love doing new stuff 2 my hair!!! and 2 night i watched the episode of one tree hill that i missed and i so realised that im like brooke. yes i definitely am. that gives me hope lmao. but i would have 2 say the highlight of my day was finidng out alahna freaking sergi watches roswell!!! i was so excited when i got that IM and then we ahd a lovely discussion about how great roswell is. it seriously made my day :) ok im gunna go take my shower and wathc some more 3rd season DC. ill write more tomorrow.

_the amazing thing was, in his eyes

i was beautiful.


u hit me harder then a shark attack... [Monday Jan. 2 2006 at 1:49am]
[ mood | content ]

ok so 2 ngiht was like the last official night of christmas break :( but i wud have 2 say it was good one!!! i went 2 the movies with megan shaughnessy jess jason and kevin came 2 :) we saw cheaper by the dozen 2. it was cute. lately things have jsut been working out. idk im just happy. and im finally done with caring what ppl think. like totally. idk. im just good right now. so ya im not really tired right now but im amd bored so im just gunna go lay down and listen 2 my ipod. im still trying 2 figure out that weird ass dream i had the other night. it seriouly freaked me out. it was crazy. and im making an appointment 2 get my hair done again darker i think. idk tho cuz i dont really have the money rite now. hmmmm i hate being a working girl cuz now i have 2 pay 4 everything my self.

and i so 4 got some stuff about 2005 in my last post. i also got my first job and got drunk 4 the first time and went 2 a bajillion sweet 16's and got my permit and hmmm i think thats it. oh wait no. i also became a brunette and got my belly button pierced!!!

ok im outtie now kids. leave me comments i like them :)


_what can i do to get to you

& find a way back to your heart ?


goodbye 2005 [Sunday Jan. 1 2006 at 2:37pm]
[ mood | good ]

ok so this is pretty much jsut a place where im writing all the memories form last year. cuz i have 2 say 2005 has definitely been my most memorable year. so much went on. like seriusly it ssems like 2005 was split into a few different years. this time last year i was still going out with mike. like 2 think of that as only a year ago is really weird. not saying ti was abd weird just weird weird. so ya that was probbaly one of the hard things i went through during 2005. not that im saying it was like so ahrd but me and mike were together for like 2 years so going from talking everyday 2 not tlaking at all was really strange. and then theres the fact wehre i went from talking 2 some one i always tlaked 2 to going out with some one i didnt tlak 2 in 2 years. it was a big change. but a change i kinda liked. idk i jsut think the last half of school last year i ahd more fun and i dont think it was jsut cause i was going out with vin. i think it was cuz i just was less serious 4 a change. my one favorite weekend is definitely a weekend ill rememember 4 like ever. it was just one of those times. but ya then school ended and so did me and vin. the summer was crazy!!! im not gunna lie for a while i was upset about the breakup or w.e but then i just finally let loose. me and tanya got a lil crazy and had maybe too much fun lmao. man that one night with shaugnessu was the best. "ill punch you in your face bitch"..."fuck you tanya"...lmao. man then it was time 4 bethany beach. mad crazy yo. the first half of the week tanya was there and damn we saw mad fire. and we met alex and marcus...and then at the club we met jeff!!! oh man the club. defintiely a night i remember. i danced in a cage!!!! then tnaya went home and mk came and it jsut gpt even mroe crazy. the waves were insane. we made a sled 4 the stairs. we went 2 foam ngiht at the club and boht madeout with very hot guys. and we ate rum sharks lmao. so ya the rest of the summer was kinda mellow. i got introuble 2 sneaking out and drinking but i pushed my luck with that ne ways. oh man also this summer i discovered like the best band ever...TEGAN AND SARA!!!! idk how i wud have survived the summer without them. the end of the summer was more mellow but definitely still fun. thats when i started hanging out with jess gretchen jason and joe. and we had r lil prank wars lmao. definitely fun times. so ya school started and its jsut been crazy. i finally found out who my true friends are and who arent. idk what i wud do if i didnt have the friends i have now. i love them all. expeciall my megans...and vanessa!!! i wud seriously be lost without them. so summing up this whole 2005 thing...ive learned alot. ive learned that:
-true friends arent sjut teh friends uve been friends iht 4 a long time. its hte ones who are there when u need them.
-no matter what u do ull never be able 2 change some ones feelings about you and sometimes being in love with them just isnt enough 2 not lose them.
-caring about what people think gets u nowhere in life. fuck what other people think. its how u feel that matters.


so the begining of this new year was definitely a great way 2 start. a whole night wiht some of my favorites was the best. and i wudnt have changed it 4 ne thing :)


_2006 here i come <3

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havent updated in a while [Friday Dec. 30 2005 at 1:57am]
[ mood | happy ]

ok so yesterday i ahd work and then last night i went 2 matts hosue with him vanessa and kevin and we jsut chilled. and got taco bell!!! me and kevin watched this werid movie. it was scary :( then 2 day me vanessa and kevin went shopping in middletown. but vanessa left us 4 a while 2 go visit natalie. it was fun shopping wiht kevin tho. he helped me pick out some cute cltohes and he ate my wendys 4 me lmao. then me and V dropped kevo off at his huge house on the golfe course and then we went back 2 ehr house and got ready and then headed 2 the mvoies and man oh man i go 2 see MEGAN BYRNES who is now a brunette and she looks freaking gorgeous a brunette!!! so ya we watched the ringer. it was my second time seeing it but idc cuz i love that movie. its mad funny. ok so ya thats really it. im jsut doing sutff on my ipod now and then im goign 2 bed cuz i have work tomorrow from 10-2. ok im done.

_such and indescribable feeling <3

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ooh oooh ooooh [Tuesday Dec. 27 2005 at 6:29pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

ok so 2 day i went 2 work and then i came home and i have some stuff on my ipod finally. not a lot but just some. i have some fall out boy. chris brown. pat benatar. the ramones. motley crue. and some songs from this movie i watched with my mom last night. some good stuff. ok so tonight im going 2 the movies 2 see the ringer wiht joe jason gretchen shaughnessy and maybe vanessa. ok well thats really about it. im done

_i wanna be sedated


i fell for the leader of the pack. [Tuesday Dec. 27 2005 at 1:27am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

ok so 2 day was a fun day. i had work and then i came home and vanessa came over and we exchanged presnets. and then tnaya came over and we exhcanged presents. then my family left 2 go 2 a party and me and vanessa drove around trying 2 find somethign 2 do so we ended up calling up shaughnessya nd we went and ate at TGI Fridays. it was pretty good. oh man i definitely bought 3rd season Dawsons Creek. damn im obsessed with TV and its bad lol. so ya i just got dont watching this movie with my mom. it was called htere goes my baby. its an old movie but idk it just got me thinking about alot. and idk it make me sad 2 think about high school endding. idk i guess im just weird. but i dont wanna stop talking 2 ne of my friends and idk. ugh well im gunna go cuz im not really in a good mood 4 sum reason ill write more later.


_why leave something you love?


[Sunday Dec. 25 2005 at 4:54pm]
ok so im at my aunt jackies house right now. my aunt jackie gave me a really cute hat glove and scarf set and $100 and then my aunt jodi gave me a cute pajama set and $1oo and my g-ma mongelli gave me a cute sweat suit and $150. so all in all. its been an awesome christmas. lmao be 4 dinner me my mom my g-ma and my 2 aunts jammed out 2 pat benatar. it was mucho fun. and everyone is still eating but i finished but after dinner were playing games like usual. im outie niggas.

_happy holidays <3

[Sunday Dec. 25 2005 at 10:25am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

ok so the other day was megans party. definitely one of the best sweet 16's ive gone 2. its tied for #1 with j-bergs. and i got 2 spend the whole dya with my darling MK so that was definitely a plus. so ya last night was christmas eve. the cousins came over and we exchanged gifts and then i went 2 my autns hosue and ended up falling asleep instead of eating dinner. then we came home and decorated r family tree and then put r pajamas on and took the usual pictures by the tree. then it was off 2 bed. and woo hoo i woke up and man oh man was it presesnts galore!!! i got alot of stuff. my main gifts were my ipod and my tifaanys necklace and ring. so cute :) but i got mad clothes and a dream dictionary. and i got a new furby!!! lmao idc if thats childish i wanted it!!! and i got roswell 3rd season on dvd and seasons 2 and 3 of that 70's show from my g-ma Cimmorelli. and lots of other stuff. definitely a good christmas. i got everything i wanted and more :) and ya now were just eating r christmas breakfast that i love oh so much and later im goign 2 my aunt jackies house and then hopefully tonight megan byrnes is coming over. alrighty loves im outie.


_Merry Christmas

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conversation that you should read. [Thursday Dec. 22 2005 at 7:30pm]
and this is why i love my brother.Collapse )
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